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by Damien Rety , published on 12.02.2010

CLEM, is the heroine of the new serial on TF1. To mark the first broadcast, TF1 invites you to follow her beyond your TV set and accompany her through her life as a teenager via the Web and your mobile phone.

The cornerstone of this first crossmedia drama is its TV broadcasting. Other media have then been grafted onto this: the story starts on the Web and mobile phone, continues on these two screens and on television with the television movie broadcast before being taken up again on Internet and mobile.

Working across 3 different phases and on 3 different screens, here, for readers of Transmedia Lab, is a short summary of the way it works.


The CLEM Web series and the blog. Discover the character, Clem, well before the television film is broadcast
- Clem blog: this tells us about her life as a teenager and presents videos of her confessions (8 in all) together with the submitted posts: (available on mobile phone)

The CLEM television film. Go straight to the heart of the story:
- broadcast on TV on 22 February at 20:45
- and simultaneously on and TF1 Player on mobile phone in combination with Facebook’s LiveFeed application to allow you to chat about the film with your friends.
Following the broadcast on TF1, a trailer will inform television viewers of phase 3 which will take place on the Internet.

Clem Episode 1 sélectionné dans Séries FR


Never previously screened BONUS sequence: “3 years later”.
Continue the story by finding out what has become of all the family members 3 years later
- Bonus sequence available immediately after the television film on Internet and mobile phone.
- Viewers can catch up with the television film for 7 days on or with the TF1Player app for mobile phones

The result is an all-round multi-screen experience which immerses viewers in Clem’s world and is designed to channel audience flows between these three media.

For the moment, we are very pleased with initial audience feedback and the communications provoked by this approach which, of course, is far from perfect. I was able to put this experiment into practice with just a limited budget thanks to the support I received from my management organization and also test the complementarities between the different media. After the broadcasting of the television film, we will be able to see what worked and what caused problems. And what lessons we can learn.

Damien Réty Responsible for Development 360 – Drama Director

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