• Sortane

    Sortane : a web series based on an ARG

    by Ana - 17 February 2011

    Sortane is a web series produced by NNProd and an alternate reality game (ARG) whose launching is planned for March 2011. Synopsis: Remi takes part in an alternate reality game with …

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  • fusibleus

    Fusibleus : a new cultural ARG

    by Olivier - 2 November 2010

    From low cost space journeys to interactive detective stories set in the impressionist era, to “artivist” happenings: all the ingredients are there to gather the largest number …

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  • ben

    Study Case : Ben 10 The Final Battle, an ARG for 6 to 12 year olds

    by Olivier - 2 September 2010

    For those who don’t know Ben 10, this young hero is a well known character for the young viewers of the Cartoon Network, a paying channel available on Canalsat. This morning, I discovered …

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  • arg

    Workshop ARG/ERG

    by Michel Reilhac - 4 September 2009

    A concrete presentation of ARG/ERG through the case of Breathe (a project by Yomi Ayeni in London) and two projects by Caroline Gerdolle. Questions on games mixing reality and fiction …

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  • Communaute2.0

    ARG the lovechild of cinema and community

    by Caroline Gerdolle - 3 September 2009

    The excellent box office results in the US last year despite a historic election campaign, the economic crisis and a no less historic record of illegal downloads are leading us to believe …

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  • petrelli

    Serial stories

    by Jean-Yves - 10 August 2009

    Good stories are serial, meaning they develop in the form of episodes that may follow a linear or nonlinear progression and reprise or rather continually renew one another. Everyone …

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  • why_so_serious__2_by_jeayese

    Dark Knight

    by Jean-Yves - 3 August 2009

    The second opus in the Batman Begins series was not only one of the biggest box office hits ever. Like every Hollywood mega-production, it benefited from a marketing plan that far surpasses …

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  • Flynn-Lives

    Tron is back in transmedia

    by Jean-Yves - 24 July 2009

    Tron 2.0 release is planned for 2011, it’s the continuation of the famous Disney movie. Jeff Bridges will act the main character: Kevin Flynn. 2 years before the movie …

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