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    Transmedia Hollywood: the creativity of the US content industry in the transmedia era

    by Morgan - 4 May 2012

    On April 6, Morgan Bouchet, managing director of Transmedia Lab and VP  Social Media at the Orange Content Division, took part in the Transmedia Hollywood 3 panel alongside Denise …

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    Happy New Year 2012 !

    by laredaction - 2 January 2012

    We take this period of best wishes for 2012 to thank the many editors, contributors, authors, experts in 2011 who shared their thoughts, decryption, findings or opinions on Transmedia …

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    Editorial : new directions for Transmedia Lab

    by Nicolas - 15 December 2011

    Newly linked to the Orange Content division (New Gross Activities), Transmedia Lab will continue in its evangelising mission to decode the new scripts and writing patterns (storytelling …

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  • transmedialab nouveau site

    Transmedia Lab changes skin!

    by Nicolas - 18 July 2011

    Created in July, Transmedia Lab is celebrating its two years anniversary. A transmedia projects catalyst, an explorative and audacious place, The Lab aspires to reunite the actors issued …

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  • Manifesto


    by Xavier Couture - 30 November 2009

    At Transmedia Lab, we’re not just imagining transmedia content, we’re creating transmedia content! In the prestigious lineage of Media Lab, which creates “technologies for a better …

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  • Transmedia “new wave”

    by Xavier Couture - 18 October 2009

    We are convinced that within 5 years, the majority of audiovisual production will be conceived for plurimedia: a TV series, a film, a documentary, an echo on the Internet or on mobiles. …

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    “Breaking the old borders !”

    by Xavier Couture - 12 October 2009

    Transmedia dreamed it, you did it. In a few weeks, what started as a good intention, a desire, a conviction that we needed to burst the windows open, became a reality. In a few days, …

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  • microprocesseur 4

    Better than Moore !

    by Xavier Couture - 31 August 2009

    These are the new bases of creative thinking. How to ask the narrative questions; the subtle link that connects two imaginary worlds: the ones of the author and of the reader, audience …

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    Opening Statement by Xavier Couture

    by Xavier Couture - 6 July 2009

    Public and consumer uses are changing. Naturally navigating from one media to another, audiences follow their favorite contents on any kind of screen: cinema, TV (linear or catch up), …

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29/06/2012 à 11:50: Le #éo, industrie mineure propulsée au rang d'art du siècle, face au défi du #. http://t.co/QKWGU9vr #

29/06/2012 à 10:45: #FF @ avec qui nous avons eu le plaisir de collaborer pour la rédaction de cet article : http://t.co/QAkoc0uR # #

28/06/2012 à 14:54: Le trailer d'#AltMinds, première fiction totale développée par @ et @ est enfin en ligne ! Enjoy : http://t.co/a04r7JV8

28/06/2012 à 08:05: La narration # est au stade du Pac-man sans les ennemis autant dire au stade proto-ludique. http://t.co/41yPjhp6

27/06/2012 à 15:35: À l’occasion de la diffusion de la saison 2 de #, NT1 affiche vos tweets dans sa bande-annonce. http://t.co/pF4qfiu8 #


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