Storytelling Transmedia

  • Sans titre-2

    Do it yourself: fan community “pirate” productions 2/3

    by Aurore - 14 May 2012

    Aurore Galliano offers a new perspective as part of a series of articles which provide a complete overview of certain fan practices, many of them related to storytelling, and their …

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  • Detective-Avenue

    Detective Avenue, one year on: reporting on the “first transmedia cluedo”

    by Vincent - 10 May 2012

    April 2011, Orange and Murmures Productions launch Detective Avenue, a new sort of transmedia experience combining an interactive police series with a inquiry game. One year on, the …

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  • logo_altminds_final2012

    Orange and Lexis Numérique are unveiling “Alt-Minds,” the first total fiction

    by Nicolas - 2 April 2012

    The Orange Transmedia Lab Team is proud to announce its co-production partnership with Lexis Numérique to create Alt-Minds, an exclusive transmedia adventure, part web series, part …

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    Emotein : Essence of pure emotion between fiction and reality at the frontier of transmedia.

    by Alain - 21 March 2012

    Since August 2009, Emotein presents a new storytelling model on the theme of the changing role of emotions in the world. The project uses various means of expression for addressing …

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  • Assassin's Creed

    Case study : Assassin’s Creed, a transmedia franchise 2/2

    by Ana - 25 November 2011

    Following the launch of the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations video game, we are continuing with our overview of the saga, which has sold 28 million units worldwide     Assassin’s …

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  • assassin-s-creed

    Case study: Assassin’s Creed, a transmedia franchise I/2

    by Ana - 18 November 2011

    In the wake of the official launch of Assassin’s Creed Revelations, the latest video game to feature Ezio the Italian assassin, we could not resist the urge to tell you a little bit …

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  • balance of powers

    Balance of Powers: unprecedented transmedia storytelling?

    by Ana - 2 November 2011

    Crowd-founded through Kickstarter, Balance of Powers is a project aiming to create a dark new alternate-storyworld, created by the team that wrote Perplex City : a web-based free-to-read …

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  • by Ana - 19 October 2011

    Fanfan2 is an Orange initiative, a multiplatform project dreamed up by the author Alexandre Jardin based on the adventures of Alexandre, the hero of his book “Fanfan, 15 ans après”. …

  • Ironsky

    Iron Sky: reimagining transmedia for 2012

    by Ana - 5 October 2011

    Enter into the Iron Sky’s world: a dark science fiction comedy that takes place in the year 2018, when the Nazis, who fled to the dark side of the Moon in 1945, return to claim the …

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  • crowdfunding

    Transmedia and the crowdfunding

    by Ana - 28 September 2011

    The crowdfunding is at his hype! A long list of websites like MyMajorCompany, Kickstarter, People For Cinema, or Touscoprod propose to the online community to finance music …

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