• transmedialab nouveau site

    Transmedia Lab changes skin!

    by Nicolas - 18 July 2011

    Created in July, Transmedia Lab is celebrating its two years anniversary. A transmedia projects catalyst, an explorative and audacious place, The Lab aspires to reunite the actors issued …

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  • Mobile-Video2

    Mobile video and video on the mobile phone, quite a difference

    by Nicolas - 13 February 2011

    Last Thursday I attended the 6th Mobile Film Festival organized by passionate and friendly Bruno Smadja. The challenge is as follows: you have 1′ to shoot a motion picture using …

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  • by Nicolas - 21 November 2010

    Google goes one step forward in “UGC” and offers you to design your own story with Google tools: Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, News, Blogs, Google Books. Once …

  • tablette

    Transmedia storytelling: taking advantage of the media

    by Nicolas - 1 October 2010

    Two recent examples, in this case tablet devices, illustrate how the capabilities and utilization of the medium can enrich the story and fuel the interaction with the audience. Have …

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  • appli-tron-legacy-300x200

    Transmedia Lab selected 6 mobile app to experience!

    by Aurelien - 13 September 2010

    Transmedia Lab is happy to share with you its selection of mobile applications. On the menu: innovation, games, cinema, brand content,… In other words, all you need to explore a transmedia …

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  • 3D2

    3D2+ is developing the first televised TV-Internet crossmedia game show on Cap Digital’s very high speed broadband network

    by Stephane Gaultier - 8 February 2010

    Cap Digital and OSEO have chosen 3D2+ for the experimental first transmission of a crossmedia TV game on the VHS (Very High Speed) broadband platform. In this broadcast, all the participants …

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