Editorial : new directions for Transmedia Lab


by Nicolas Brunet, published on 15.12.2011

Newly linked to the Orange Content division (New Gross Activities), Transmedia Lab will continue in its evangelising mission to decode the new scripts and writing patterns (storytelling & new technologies experiments) associated with the arrival of the new usages and new technologies that contribute to this growing phenomenon.

A new Orange team
Transmedia Lab is supported by the Transmedia & Social Media team set up in 2010 by Jean-Francois Rodriguez as part of the Orange Content division
, and is headed by Morgan Bouchet. The team, which brings together Stéphane Adamiak, Nicolas Labretonnière and Nicolas Brunet, is rich in expertise acquired in the gaming field (engineering, design, release, distribution, etc.) and more generally in content: multi-screen approaches, new marketing practices, emerging business models, new patterns of involvement, community dynamics and so on.

In collaboration with other Orange divisions, the unit aims to design innovative entertainment experiences based on partnerships with the content industry.


New ambitions
As pioneers in transmedia coverage in France,
we intend to keep the transmedialab.org blog on the cutting edge of the phenomenon, helping readers to find better information and improve their understanding and grasp of its various facets.

With this in mind, we have decided push our work forward in three major areas :

- Giving more visibility to transmedia phenomena and initiatives in France and internationally: news, presenting new projects, case studies, analyses (usages, marketing, innovation, etc.), interviews with transmedia players and media personalities, events, studies, institutional partnerships and so on.

- Capitalising on our DNA as a Lab with experiments, tools and new technologies: presenting and sharing findings from our transmedia projects (Fanfan2, Detective Avenue, The Prodigies, our future projects) and offering you solutions and tools (API) to test that are developed by our unit in partnership with Group researchers (Technocentre, Orange Labs, R&D, etc.)

- Opening up our blog to contributions from the rest of the Orange Group and external sources, giving you access to new expertise (researchers, sociologists, lawyers, gamers, communicators, etc.), aiming to expand on the transmedia concept in the context of digital culture, film, sport, reading and TV.

We hope very much to hear from you, to ensure that transmedialab.org develops to meet your requirements, and are relying on you to share your contributions, ideas and enthusiasms, so as to broaden the discussion on these new patterns of expression.


Jean-François Rodriguez
Games & Transmedia BU Managing Director (Orange – Content Division)





Morgan Bouchet
VP Transmedia & Social Media (Orange – Content Division)

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author Nicolas Brunet

10 ans d'expérience entre marques et contenu (advertainment, branded content), entre marketing et storytelling (brand content, transmedia) en media, en agence de publicité puis en 2009 chez Orange (musique). Dans la team du Transmedia Lab depuis 2010.