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by laredaction Rédaction, published on 19.01.2012

The Transmedia Meetups New York quickly emerged as missed meetings, both to spot new transmedia trends and more broadly new media and new writing, but also to immerse in a nascent community. Carole Dohan and Sylvain Leroux, “special correspondants” in New York for Transmedia Lab give us their first impressions.




Carole Dohan in immersion at Transmedia  New York City Meetups since 2010

Since November 2010, I’ve been attending regular Transmedia NYC Meetups. These monthly events gather cutting edge (trans)media professionals, newbees and interested fellows just like me and consist in presenting and sharing transmedia experiences of all sorts.

Transmedia Meetups NYC are often very eventful with a packed audience, and a time for drinks and conversation after the presentations, which is always a good way to exchange ideas with the always very creative speakers, network – of course, or simply meet new friends.

Founded by Mike Knowlton and Aina Abiodun*, the small group of 50 people at the time has been steadily growing to reach a crowd of more than 500 members at the end of 2011. Topics covered are very diverse and highlight the creativity and innovative concepts that surround the notion of transmedia.

Last April for instance, Lance Weiler, a well-known director presented « Pandemic » , a transmedia experience praised at Sundance last year. He also took the opportunity to explain and discuss his theory about the future of film and creation. James Carter presented to one side what a transmedia theater experience could be through his latest play, . (I actually had the opportunity to experience it for real in NY, attending a play where real time acting was mixed with pre-show interactions with the characters, video blog excerpts…).

More recently, Lina Srivastava and Koffi Annan, amongst others, pointed out the growing role of transmedia tools to promote social activism and human rights. The so-called ‘transactivism’ offers innovative ways to integrate both tech and social change – several initiatives targeting mostly emerging markets were shared, including « Africa unity kit » by Puma, « 18 days in Egypt » or « G3nerations » in Rwanda…


The group recently made two big announcements. First, it is incorporating as a NY-based not-for-profit organization called StoryCode. On the other hand, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is a new sponsor, offering the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center Amphitheater for the group’s meetings. Wonderful, dramatic changes and another proof if needed that the group is now all grown up: 2012 shall be a pretty busy one for NY transmedia professionals!

I was happy to be part of this growing community; rest assured the GMNA team will continue covering the subject and relate on. Now find the past videos on the meetups Youtube channel .



* Aina Abiodun is an American film maker and transmedia activist, Mike Knowlton is the CeO at MurmurCo in NY


Sylvain Leroux at Transmedia NYC Meetup to present FanFan 2 project.

Last October, I attend the Transmedia New York City Meetup in order to present the case study of our project Fanfan2 orchestred with Alexandre Jardin.

Transmedia NYC brings together digital folks, creatives and cross-platform storytelling enthusiasts to explorate the rapidly evolving world of transmedia storytelling and participating in these gatherings was an amazing experience for me.

This meetup offered me the opportunity to present our project with some very interesting specialists : Frank Rose, contributing editor at Wired for more than a decade who writes extensively about the intersection of media and technology, and Nate Goldman the producer of Undead End, a transmedia radio drama inspired by Orson Welles’ 1938 perfomance of H.G. Wells war of the worlds.

The networking session after the presentation allowed me to talk with people from industries as diverse as TV or fashion and many other fields, all exploring transmedia storytelling opportunities in their own ways. Transmedia NYC brings together like-minded professionals and I was pleasantly surprised to meet these stimulating people with such ease.

A good idea worth to mention : Aina and Mike the co-organizers also give everyone the opportunity to make a five minute pitch to present or challenge a project.

I was pleased to see that many people were interested in the original dimension of the Fanfan2 project based on a book. Like radio, publishing a daily novel as a social media stream with various entry points allows a lot of flexibility and interaction with the audience. With so many producers facing financial and production issues due to the global economic situation and the inherent challenges of transmedia creation, it’s easy to see that transmedia makers are looking for more flexibility. So, will these audio and (or) written projects be the trend in 2012 ? Your insights are welcome !


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Feel free to share your experiences with Transmedia Meetup around the world. We look forward to sharing your patterns.