Over to “Transmedia Planning” ?? (crossmedia + brand content ?)


by Morgan Bouchet, published on 8.02.2010

I knew that my agency friends were interested in the storytelling culture proposed by Henry Jenkins’ Transmedia but I never imagined there might be such a thing as a Transmedia Planner (what a great job :-) )

But are we really in the presence of “Transmedia” or of an amalgam similar to the combination of brand and branded content?
Whatever the case may be, everything is moving ahead well!

You can find a very good explanation here

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author Morgan Bouchet

VP Transmedia & Social Media - Content Division, Born into a family of professional TV and music producers, he has over 15 years’ experience in integrated communications, marketing & content with digital expertise. In 1997 he joined FKGB agency (TBWA group), a French leader in 360° entertainment communication, brand and content marketing and became manager of the New Media division in 1998. He joined Orange/France Telecom in August 2000 to develop content-related activities as product manager and new content experiences. A member of Xavier Couture’s team since 2008, he develops new business & content activities.