What’s Possible with Transmedia: Case Studies in Successful Projects


by Ana Vasile, published on 26.07.2011

While waiting for one of the most important transmedia events, the StoryWorld Conference + Expo in San Francisco, we have some goodies for you. We explained here what StoryWorld Conference aims to achieve during its conference marathon in October 31 and November 2. The producers of this event organized a free WEBcast, in order to keep you informed on the transmedia storytelling.

The web seminar is a free of charge public event; scheduled on July 27th at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT (American Time Zone) Here you can find out the schedule for your time zone and register. The subject seems quite interesting: “Surveying Transmedia: Case Studies of Successful Stories.”

The organizers explained their intentions: defining and discuss the transmedia evolutions through case studies. They might be called cross-platform stories, transmedia projects, branded entertainment, or even alternate reality games, but, whatever you call them, at the heart of these new forms of entertainment is engagement across platforms.It’s hard to believe that the earliest “extended” experiences are now at least a decade old, and it can be difficult getting a handle on the full scope of what’s already come in the world of transmedia storytelling.

For this special StoryWorld WEBCast Michael Andersen, owner and senior editor at the Alternate Reality Gaming Network, will lead attendees through a tour of what’s possible with alternate reality games, cross-platform strategies, and transmedia storytelling.

Michael’s goal is to introduce audiences to takeaways and tactics from transmedia storytelling projects, providing an in-depth analysis of a few key projects in addition to a broad overview of what specific industries have done to leverage existing networks and IPs, extend into new markets, and create meaningful connections with fans.
For those deeply asleep during the webcast event, here you might be able to catch up a recording.

See you on the cyberspace!


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author Ana Vasile

Ana Vasile est rédactrice pour Transmedia Lab. Diplômé d’un Master Pro en Communication Multimédia et Audiovisuel de l’Institut de la Communication et des Médias à Grenoble, elle travaille en agence de publicité pendant plus de deux ans dans un département de création. Ana a contribué au développement de la politique éditoriale et à la rédaction d'articles au sein de l’équipe du Transmedia Lab de janvier à novembre 2011.