Transmedia Lab proposes an offer of project accompaniment in transmedia development.

The consultancy offer can be summarize as following:

  • Creation of multi-disciplinary team as needed by the project
  • Enlarging the transmedia universe of a known product: digital writing for a fictional program, a documentary, a game, Reality TV shows, an event … ; consultancy on the multiplatform narrative
  • Developing the interactions, the audience’s participation, community management and viral buzz
  • New technologies exploitation, defining interactive tools, participatory directing
  • Project’s budget


Specific offers:

  • Brand and content universe association, brand promises implementation into the narrative universe.
  • Transmedia marketing, emphasizing the transmedia program on different medias
  • Orchestration of digital content on the different medias, community management creation

This offer represents 4 months of Transmedia Lab coaching, including the interventions of experts from the field: Producers, Screenplay writers, Directors, Programming Directors, Management teams, Agencies, Advertisers, Digital Directors.