Our projects

Since 2009, the Transmedia Lab has carried out a number of transmedia experiments:

 2010: Fanfan2 with Alexandre Jardin



Experience the unpredictable life of a young man who tries to surprise and enchant the woman he loves every day. He can only woo her with your help!

Partners: Alexandre Jardin, Le Livre de Poche, Happy Fannie,Oahu

Concept: By means of a web/smartphone/social network mechanism, readers are invited to advise and inspire a whimsical romantic character, while applying his approach to their own lives.

Case study:

FANFAN2, transmedia as extended novel – Case… par Transmedialab

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Feedback: Bringing characters to life in real-time over a period of more than six months relied on close collaboration between an author who was always accessible and open to experimenting and a creative community management team.

The text format meant that it was possible to quickly reformulate and adapt the narrative flow to keep the community involved.

Despite initial plans to have a dedicated site as the centre of the community, the Facebook site took over as the central locus of exchanges, bringing advantages but also constraints.

Ultimately, the community proved loyal and active from the outset to the end of the experiment: the concept of interacting with characters from a work of fiction using social network tools and codes proved very effective.

2011: Where are You? / The Prodigies

Immerse yourself in a 3D transmedia world

Partners: Studio 37, Warner Bros

Concept: A game/competition based on the film, inviting players to accumulate maximum points through a series of online and smartphone mini-games, using geolocation in partner premises (Pizza Hut, Orange, etc.), collecting information from partner sites and visiting Facebook.

Results: 35,500 subscribers, 82,700 Unique Visitors, 62,400 mobile application downloads

2011: Detective Avenue



A real time transmedia investigation with you as the detective

Partners: Murmures Productions, Citymoviz, Tangane (Digital Channels) / support from the French national film body (CNC)

Concept: A “transmedia whodunit” combining an interactive police series augmented by hidden objects gameplay

Results:  17,000 players, 100,000 unique visitors to the Detective Avenue site, a detective community on Facebook with more than 3000 members, a mobile application downloaded by 2648 detectives

Feedback: Producer and teams much involved, high levels of communication, adjustments to the experiment and integration of ideas while already running (e.g.: player photos on the Facebook page with a “Guilty” label). Efficient community management (through the producers ofDetective Avenue), combining accessibility, attentiveness, humour and transparency. The site’s bounce rate was close to zero, and campaign conversion rates were strong. Good scores at the PR and marketing level, thanks to a well-honed pitch. Ultimately, some users complained having too limited control over the story, therefore remaining spectators and were expecting more interactivity…

Them, we’re proud to announce the arrival of  Alt Minds, a Total Fiction project that should surprise you at the end of the year.