“The Artists” : A new European Union ?


by Vincent PUREN, published on 31.01.2012

While Jean Dujardin is inflaming Hollywood with the movie “The Artist”, a same – named serie scheduled at the end of 2012, could brand european spirits with a new storytelling experience.  “The Artists”, realized by the Belgian Hans Herbots, aims at simulcasting on six televisions networks on the old continent.





It’s a premiere ! By the end of 2012, six European TV channels (Canvas (Flanders, Belgium), VARA (Netherlands), SVT (Sweden), NRK (Norway), YLE (Finland) and TV3 (Denmark)) will join their forces to broadcast a large-scale drama tv series, called “The Artists”

Focusing on an international artist’s community, based in Copenhagen, this thriller will start with the enigmatic disappearance of one of its members.

Taking advantage to the Multitasking trend, the production decided to allow the public to discover the story and characters through various media, kept secret at the moment.

According our information, The main characters will be played by actors Tuva Novotny, Donald Högberg (both from Sweden), Tommi Korpela, Elmer Bäck (both from Finland), Thure Lindhardt, Paw Henriksen (both from Denmark), Viktoria Winge (from Norway), Teun Luijkx (from The Netherlands) and Thomas Ryckewaert, Johan Van Assche, Johan Leysen and Lien Van De Kelder (from Belgium). All are acclaimed actors in their respective countries.

Hans Herbots

« The Artists » is a five-episodes series, English/multi-language spoken, with subtitling, to make it more accessible to an international audience.

This European co-production, directed by  Hans Herbots already well kwown in his own country,  produced by Belgian TV production company Caviar, also get support from VAF (B), Media (US), and investment funds Wallimage (B), Mediafonds (NL), Svenska Kulturfunden (FI) and CoBo (NL).

We don’t have access to more information so far on this series which is still in post-production but  we will keep you posted and cover it further in the future.

To be continued…



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