Who are we?

2009, a department within the Orange Content Division dedicated to transmedia, then the creation of the “Transmedia Lab”

From its launch by Orange in 2009, the Transmedia Lab set out to promote, assess and experiment with new forms of writing associated with the development of new uses and new technologies, contributing to the ever-growing phenomenon of transmedia storytelling.


The team

The Transmedia Lab derives from the Transmedia & Social Media team set up by Jean-Francois Rodriguez within the Orange Content Division.

Headed by Morgan Bouchet, it includes Stéphane Adamiak, Nicolas Brunet, Nicolas Labretonnière and Vincent Puren, and offers expertise in a number of fields: Digital Media, Gaming (gameplay, design, distribution, etc.), Communication, Technology, and Content generally – multi-screen approaches, new marketing practices, emerging business models, new patterns of involvement, community dynamics and more.


Our activities


  1. Assessing and analysing this emerging phenomenon

As pioneers of transmedia coverage in France, we plan to make our platform the point of reference:

- by providing information and helping our readers better understand and grasp the different aspects of transmedia,

- by giving more visibility to transmedia projects and initiatives in France and internationally: news, case studies, analyses (usages, marketing, innovation, etc.), interviews with transmedia players and media personalities, events, studies, institutional partnerships and so on,

- by opening up our platform to contributions from the rest of the Orange Group and external sources, giving you access to new expertise (researchers, sociologists, lawyers, gamers, communicators, etc.) and to Orange’s international base, aiming to expand on the transmedia concept in the context of digital culture, film, sport, reading and TV.


  1. A Lab to trial our technologies across new formats…

Since 2009, the Transmedia Lab has been carrying out a number of transmedia experiments, whether in a literary context (Fanfan2 with Alexandre Jardin), with new promotional marketing techniques (Where are You? / The Prodigies) or new forms of drama (interactive drama Detective Avenue). These projects have provided opportunities to test Orange’s technical assets and increase our expertise in these innovative formats, sharing what we learn with you.

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  1. Proposing technological solutions for authors and creators


In partnership with other Group entities (Orange Labs, Technocentre, R&D, LoB, Orange Business Services, etc.), we are developing a tools offer in the form of APIs, to enable the content industry to embed the best technology and innovations in their stories and worlds.

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Our partnerships


-          Annenberg Innovation Lab – USC – Henry Jenkins



-          Beaumarchais-SACD


-          Power To The Pixel




-          Transmedia Immersive University




-          MIP Cube & MIP TV